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"The Stack"
Bryce and Katie came to Boston to say hi
We took the T to Harvard Square
The good ol' orange line
That Red Sox sign between Wellington and Sullivan Square
Proof that Bryce was in Boston
Wow, this sounds like a blast..
Cause we are the aquateens...
Yaay Japanese candy
Haha, classic lawyer joke
Shiny shiny trashcan
A sink caught in the wild
This kid is unsinkable
Becky's having so much fun
More shiny things
Muffie = cat thing?
Graceful Rob
James took a shortcut off the stairs
James jumping off the swing
Look at him go
Hanging out at Conant park
This is a dangerous shot
Rob took this and gave me an idea..
Taking Rob's idea further
Cool shot!
"I'm totally going to fall and hit you"
What's going on here?!
My Naruto headband unwrapped
The back of my dad's house
Setting up the sketchy outside webcam for Operation PA POV
Looks secure...
The inside one is laughing at the outside one
The two views on Muffie's laptop
Oh yeah, the cops will love this
No, YOU'RE here!
Waiting for James and Muffie to get out of Quassy
"Outy" was taken down, but "Inny" remains
Oh good
This looks like a good idea
"Tastes like vanilla smoke"
Where'd he get those pants?
Tacos AND fireworks!?!?
Inny on the road
Haha, Mt. Cobb
James and Hippo driving
PA has lots of nothing
..and traffic
Lots of traffic
Origami placemat!
Looks... tasty
Alllmost there
Muffie and Pencils!
Get out of there Pencils!
I forget how we named her Pencils
Setting up at our craptastic campsite
Dad's hardcore mountain tent, in it's lamest site yet
GTA outside? This is weird
Campfire + GTA
DDR outside!
We needed to get rid of the pizza box so...
Burn, baby, burn
A pillar of fire
Almost gone
Not much left
All gone!
James getting into the tent
Wow... Pennsylvania
Looking good
Super exciting
Whoa, one of those lanes that you hear about in driver's ed
This kid looks just like Gollum!
Oh goodie
Go wild about God!
The first Knoebels sign
Another sign
A much lamer sign
More signage
Nice.. slide..
High Speed coaster... or something
A picture of a picture!
This guy is super creepy
A giant lemon!
A.. pool!
The Knoebels map!
We're totally at Knoebels
Flyer fun!
Haha, why is that mascot guy scaring that kid!?
There goes James and Muffie
Phoenix < Twister II
That's a lot of coal
Rob doesn't care all
James with a giant corn
This looks exciting
So much fun
Wow look, he's like, 20 feet up
A big roundup!
Look at it go
Twister II
Waiting for pics
Taking pics
Twister II
This was just weird
Future logo?
What weird snacks
Satellite thing
James in a flying cage
Best little kid coaster in the world
It looks like loads of fun
There James goes
You doofus
The first drop
Haha, click on this one
Another lap
Valley fun
Rob on the whip
James on the whip
..Rob on the whip
Fun on the sky ride
That thing over there
A giant loaf of bread!
That thing!
Ferris Wheel!
More Ferris wheel!
A weird airplane
A swan
Look closely to see the slacking cable
"Snapping" the flyers
Slack = BANG!
More slack
James in action
Random parade
Does anyone else see the irony?
That's right, real bald eagles.. a cage
Hanging out in front of the mister
More mister
This would be handy for cosplay..
James with the creepy dude
Rob with the squirrel thing
James taking the same picture
Leaving Knoebels
Driving house!
And a shed!
Nice sunburn...
Poor bug..
Ouch! Poor Muffie!
Our lameass campsite
Getting stuff out of the car
Bug spray + fire = MORE FIRE
Me in the car
"They call me honey... mustard"
Sleeping on the way back
A baby doll on a roof
Back in Melrose at last
This was mainly taken for a timestamp
The first cosplayers I saw at Barnes and Nobles
The line at around 17:45
More people
A random girl showing off the Harry Potter glasses and bracelet we all got
Dumbledore and Voldemort
The line goes on
And on
She's definitely too young to get into Hogwarts
Not sure who she was but it was an impressive costume
1 day? Try 6 hours!
Oh yeah, #8. That's me.
Hundreds of people reserved
Nice hat, shame it's not for sale
People registering
Becky shows off her spiffy new glasses
Becky and Meghan wait
Some super creepy magazine covers
People drawing dragons
People lining up to enter the jelly bean contest
More costumes
McGonnagal and Hagrid!
Oh no it's Borgy!
Some costumed fans hang out
Starbucks was packed
Lots of people were waiting around
"I'm a boggart"
Some random game
I saw this in a book called "The First Trip to the Moon". They had Apollo 12 on the cover! Outrageous
Hahaha, how did Dobby get in there?
This came out in January '86 and I thought it was kind of funny
The parade dealy
Look at them go
Too bad I didn't get a picture of the funny dementor
I didn't manage to get an empty box, but I did get a picture!
What a terrible picture. That's beardless Dumbledore there
The first 50 to get their books
The dynamic duo again
This is the woman who sold me my book
People crowding around the exit
That's right. I had it back in my room at 00:12
Our shitty campsite
You are viewing images from 07/16/05 in the main gallery. This set contains 221 pictures.
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