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This was supposed to be my last trip to the orthodontist, but Dr. Angorn decided that he wanted me to actually start wearing my retainer and come back in a month, oh well.

I took some neat picture of my neighbor's lawn sprinklers with various exposure settings. They suddenly turned off while I was taking pictures so I think I may have been spotted.

As part of Mel's RA training, she learned how to use fire extinguishers. That lead to some pretty cool pictures, but I opted for a video during her turn.
The light thing above the chair
This is the end....
Before braces, June 2001
Before braces, May 2001 (after pics are in the previous batch)
My grandmother gave me an ice cream bar!
Me and my aunt had to laugh when we found a bag of store bought cookies in my grandmother's cookie jar
Lots of mist
I was trying to capture individual droplets
Not bad!
My lens cap
An airplane landing
A Comanche helicopter!
Fire extinguishers
This is the fire the RAs had to put out
Look out, it's escaping!
One team suits up
They slowely approach the fire
The one in the middle doesn't look too psyched
The UP guy instructs the RAs
Get the fire extinguishers ready
Die fire!
The cloud disperses
Another blast
The fire was relit
Another round of chemicals
Used up fire extinguishers
Have some more!
The new RAs wait their turn
The cop's walky talky
Mmm, chemicals
The rock is partically obscured by the cloud
Try not to breath it...
Some other University Police came to watch the show
"Did someone call in a fire?"
Fire's out
Mel starts to suit up
Don't forget the helmet Mel!
Here you go
Someone helps Mel put her helmet on
Does this make is a Melmet?
All set!
This was shot in the middle of the video
Mel survived!
Time to give the suit back
Mel did pretty well!
The water fire extinguisher gets a shot
The UP guy shows us how it's done
It didn't work quite as well as the chemical one, but it's easier to clean up
Mel looks... skeptical... of something
A happy fire
Oh no! Chemicals!
Mel's photo on the bulletin board
Some sad looking ballons in Oliver's
This is one of the problems with having a ground level window
Did somebody order some Speech Champions?
James seems pretty excited about something
"Ahhh let me in!"
You are viewing images from 08/22/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 61 pictures.
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