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At this point I was still learning how to use my camera, so I was taking a lot of pictures of nothing in particular. There are a lot of pictures of our neighbor's cat Bob because Becky was feeding him while his owners were away and decided to bring my camera. After that set of pictures is a group trip to Chinatown in Boston. This was a lot of fun. We wandered around some weird stores, got some dinner, and went to see The Last Samurai (terrible movie, don't listen to Brett). After that is a bunch of pictures of goofing off near the T, and dropping James off at his house.
My mom watching tv
Strawberry sits on me to get warm
He likes my Megatokyo blanket
Strawberry looks at the camera
My mom... watching tv
Nice cornrolls, Becky..
Becky reads a letter or something
"Hey mom" "What?" "*flash*"
Ooo, cup noodles
Trying out various settings
Less blurry
Looks like the same picture..
Following Strawberry around
Stop looking at my shoe
His eyes look weird in this one
Strawberry sits in the sun
This is Bob, our neighbor's cat
He lost half of his tail when he got hit by a car
He's dead now :(
I don't know what happened to him
Bob looks for some food
How is it?
Gross, Bob. Don't leave food on your face
Get away from the camera
He looks weird in this one
Bob sitting on the stairs
Apparently this Santa has been in my mom's family for years and years
Becky and Strawberry hang out
The stupid hole in my bed
Strawberry in the window
T jumps of the car
Dan from Work!
Crazy T
Who gave Dan that barbie?
Have you seen it?
Some neat stuff in Chinatown
Pikachu ball thing!
Nice hat, Wacko
James drinks some tea
Wacko tries to decide what to eat
Beany examines the menu
Dan plays with some chopsticks while making up his mind
Looks like James and Wacko have decided
Steph still hasn't though
Beany and T pose together
Waiting for food to show up
Beany holding her tea
Who's that dweeb?
One of those lucky cats
James takes out his rage on society. He's... so... angry!
Dan quietly awaits the beginning of the movie
Beany looks around
Wacko in the dark
Steph looks at some paper or something
Dan doesn't want any pictures taken of him. Sorry Dan
A blurry picture of people in Boston
T steals Wacko's hat
Beany's been blinded by the light
You can't dodge light, Beany!
T makes a weird face
James in the car
James makes a weird face in the car
Beany and Dan fighting for control of Dan's hat
T starts driving away with Dan's car
James calls for help
James' house
You are viewing images from 12/27/03 in the main gallery. This set contains 68 pictures.
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