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The first set of pictures is just me messing around with longer exposures in my room. A longer exposure makes the picture much more light, and clean looking. After that it's what few pictures I took at my grandmother's 80th birthday party. It was pretty crazy. There was singing, a big cake, a million relatives, and Mel made a mess. In the middle of the party, Mel had to leave to go to the second part of the Improv competition in Boston (the Peapod Squad won!). After the party, I hung out with James, Muffie, and Rob to kind of celebrate James' 20th birthday. When asked what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday he said he wanted one with a picture of a taco on it.. and he got it. The next day I headed back to Worcester on the train and got some neat pictures on the way.
Mel in her natural habitat: in a pile of cables on my bed with a laptop
Brett looks at the camera
My corner
Bryce with Wiki
He started crawling up!
Aww, isn't he cute
Bryce makes a weird face at Wiki
Hi Wiki!
I took all these drinks from a refreshment table that no one was guarding
The first picture from my Grandmother's 80th birthday party
Mel's having fun
Yep, there was soda
Me and Mel played that grid game
My grandmother showed up
Isn't she having fun?
Looks like Mel won
My mom in a weird picture
Look at alllll the family
Greg and Becky are not amused
Some sort of speech
Everyone's singing!
Look at them go
James won't let me take a picture of him on his birthday (his 20th)
James' taco birthday cake
Muffie and Rob try to help
James curls up and dies next to rob
Rob's bandana with his weird bleached hair
My giant Airzooka that my Uncle Stephen sent me for Christmas
My mom was horrified... so were the cats
South Station
Riding the commuter rail
Train tracks
Train tracks
Train tracks
Sunset on the tracks
Some.. structure
It can be dark... in tunnels
Pointers = fun?
A neat picture while next to the highway
The very nice Worcester train station
My crazy chair setup that I used for a week or two. It was nice when watching stuff, not so much for working
A panorama of my half of the room
South Station
You are viewing images from 02/26/06 in the main gallery. This set contains 48 pictures.
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